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Back from Nowhere

It seems that I’ve gone for quite a while to update this blog. I’ve been busy on some stuffs lately and tomorrow’s gonna be another load. Summer term is going to start tomorrow. I’m enrolled in three subjects. My class starts at 7.30 am and ends at 12. The rest of my afternoon will be spent for the hospital duty which will compensate my tardiness last semester.

Somehow, Dustin and I made to clean the room earlier today. I took the bathroom and my bedside, while Dustin owned the sink and the table, and of course his bedside. We wanted our room to be comfortable as much as possible since summer is kinda getting scratchy just this minute. Oh well, I’m off now! Just some little updates. Can’t think of any other stuff to blog here.


Seeing my old best buds today always reminds me of the most nostalgic period in my life, childhood! Years passed and things changed. We may not be the same best buds before, but we have kept the bonds until now.

There were eight of us in the group: Andrei, Lloyd, Jasson, Armando, Rhomend, Rey, Darel, and me. We had always tagged ourselves as some part of an anime show. We looked fresh and naive, but we thought older than our parents, troublesome but wise.

Playing with our pee was always our past time everytime our teacher asked us to throw the garbage at the back of our classroom. None of us got any nanny during those times which gave us more space and time to explore some stuffs…. and picked fights against our schoolmates. Luckily, we always won. We traded cards with the other kids, cheated for more cards, and picked a lot of fights for those Pokemon cards!

We had invented several games that burnt the dull moments. I was always the subject of shaggy dog stories! When we played, it was always me who got last, who lost, who carelessly got injured, and who always missed the most terrible adventures!

We grew up recollecting the most memorable events of the past, continuing to explore and reinvent ourselves. Some of us studied in different schools after elementary but still made the time to gather once in a while. After high school, we pursued to different universities and careers and got separated. Darel transferred somewhere after our 5th grade. Though keeping contact with him, we rarely saw him during our reunions. Rey went untraceable after high school, and Lloyd stopped schooling after his 1st year in college flunked. Whatever there are in store for us, we still continue to reunite and gather the memories of the past that helped us grew of what make us today. We still keep the bonds for keepsake. =D

When people get bored

Some people spend the dull air hunting for food and murdering them. The church after a heartwarming worship went different with these videos, whatever went were taped. Moments were caught on films ripping off the most insensible hours of reticence. Here are those moments that created the giggles!

* Find my pair the truth about us
*Edited for promotion and keepsake – haha

Videos courtesy of Ate Anna and Kuya George.

The Passing Mark

I’ve been really in a rush to check my grades online for the past few days. The site got down then, but when I checked it earlier today, it’s back on its toes!

And guess what, I passed my Statistics subject!! Goodness, learning it was hard, and it was set as early as 8am which challenged me to wake up for it. Missed several classes though, and our professor took notice and graded on attendance. I failed several quizzes, and though the exams weren’t returned (or I guess I just missed the class when he returned it), I was pretty sure I added rolls. But who thought I would pass? Nobody! Haha. I got a terrible 1.7 in my midterms, missed a preliminary exam, and missed it again when I forgot to show up for the scheduled make-up. Three months later, his memory kinda averted and finally I got the make-up.

It’s only the Stat that’s on the list, I guess I’ll have to wait for the rest and rejoice later…or maybe remorse. No way!

PBB Teen Plus

PBB is back, and it’s the teens’ turn this time. Fourteen teens from all around the Philippines with colorful lives and personalities were chosen to dwell inside the most intricate BAHAY NI KUYA. This is the second edition of PBB teens after last year’s.

Last year’s PBB teens have amassed countless offers and projects after their debut inside Big Brother’s house. Today’s housemates share different stories and lifestyles while many of them come from other countries. Compared to the first batch, Kuya’s current housemates were picked well, and Kuya seems to have a lot of surprises up in his sleeves. With some hints of what’s going to happen, the housemates started helping themselves with the adjustments while away from the outside world.

Fourteen housemates were handpicked from thousands of those who auditioned. Two of them come from Dumaguete, and one of the two is my schoolmate. One the housemates has an impaired hearing ability and is challenged communicating inside the house. She comes from Davao City, a fellow VCF leader and is about to bring a change inside Big Brother’s House, whom I’m much more interested among the other contestants.

Kakashi meets Jesus Christ

How on Earth could’ve Jesus Christ appear in a ninja era? Well what do you expect? Japanese use the latter as an expression, just as everyone else does. But hey, check out this picture I got from a manga page of Naruto, Kakashi just unsealed his mouth with the words!


Well if discipleship was up since the ninja era, that would have been great! This is just yet another blasphemy! Haha. I just was just thinking what if discipleship was really the idea of Naruto and if it had become the tool to spread the Gospel and make everyone known of Christ. It was just rare of Kakashi speaking such….how could’ve he encountered Jesus then?